Welcome to my new site. I am going to try and keep this one updated the best I can. I will be adding some very old stuff as well as some new stuff. On this site you should find a large selection of videos of my brother and I in both Judo and Jiujitsu as well as a couple of MMA fights. I will also be putting up a large amount of photos from Jiujitsu to just plain having fun. I should have enough room on the new server to provide over 30 gigs of information. I dont know if I will ever fill it up, but I can try and if I need more space, I will buy more space.

A little about me:

I grew up in Bakersfield, CA. Started training in Judo when I was about 4 years old with my father. I started competing when I turned 6. I competed all over the US in every tournament I could get too. My father would not only make me compete at my weight, but he would make me fight at the next weight up as well. I won a few junior national championships, then Highschool nationals, and went on to win the National Ladder in 1996. Throughout my career I have been to Japan twice, and competed there as well. I was number 6 in the US at the end of 1996. During my training I moved to Fresno and joined the Fresno State Judo team.

In 1997 I moved to the Bay area and joined the Ralph Gracie JiuJitsu Team. This is where my ground skills really took off. I received my blue belt in two months of training from Cesar and Ralph Gracie. At first I did not do so well. I went to the Nationals in 1997 and lost a very close match by points. I was very determind to come back and win the next year. I trained very hard for the competition in 1998. I won the Joe Moreira Nationals in 1998, tapping everyone in my weight division Including Tyrone Glover ( had to put that in cause he beat me two times after!) and then moving on to the Absolute. I took 2nd in the absolute divisoin only losing by two points to a very big guy. About two months later was the US Open in Santa Cruz. I tapped out everyone in my weight division including the final match which was only 14sec. (video will be in the video link soon) The next day I fought in the absolute division and again tapping everyone including Genki Sudo for the win. (video will be put in video link soon)

After the US Open I continued training very hard and was hoping to get my purple belt. I kept on training for another two months and still did not get promoted. To be honest, I was very upset about this and decided to quit. I know stupid me. Well, I took an entire year off. Not touching Judo or Jiujitsu for a whole year until the next US Open. I won my weight division, but did not tap everyone and then lost in the Absolute, another close match. I broke my rib that match.. LOL.

I regret quiting and will never do it again. I stuck with it after I came back. It took me two months to get back into shape, it was a very hard thing to do. I finally got my purple from Ralph gracie. Winning a couple of purple belt matches here and there, but losing to Tyrone at the Ralph Gracie tourny back in the day. In all of my competitions, Tryone has been one of my hardest oponents. I have only been tapped out two times, one by Tyrone and one by my friend.

The jobs got rough in the bay area and I had to move away. I am now in Bakersfield where I teach and train in Kickboxing and Jiujitsu every day. I have done a couple of cage fights and really dont know if I will do anymore. I got my Black Belt in jiujitsu @ the end of 2004. I was already a 3rd black in Judo and having both is my best accomplishment. I love my family and care about my friends. I love to have fun, but know when to be serious. I am more then happy to teach anyone and I dont hold back.

My Nickname:

Just about everyone at the Ralph Gracies had a nickname but it took me a while before someone gave me one..

This is actually where I got my nickname, “ARMHUNTER”. I was training with a friend of mine, Greggy, we trained together just about everyday. During one of our training sessions I armlocked him a few times, he turned to me and said,”Damn, its like you’re hunting the arm.” Then he said,”that is what we should call you, Armhunter.” I love the name, infact I have won about 90% of my matches by armbar.