Judo for JiuJitsu v.1 – Digital Download

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Judo for JiuJitsu v1 is a Judo based instructional DVD geared to help your jiujitsu game.

Daniel Camarillo has over 40 years experience in Judo and JiuJitsu combined.  Daniel’s instruction is considered to be very technical and detail oriented, with years of proven success.

In this volume Daniel demonstrates some of his favorite Judo throws he uses in JiuJitsu competition.


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  • Judo Basics – Proper position to help execute your throw.
  • Basic Drop Knee Seo Nagi – one of the most effective throws in JiuJitsu
  • How to Square your opponent up for Drop Knee Seo Nagi
  • Safe way to execute Osoto Gari “major outer reaping”
  • Grip fighting into O Goshi “major hip throw”
  • Uchi Mata “inner thigh throw”
  • Uchi Mata switch
  • Attacking after the throws